HIGH Corn Mill is the latest place in Skipton to offer electric car charging points for shoppers using the mill.

Owner Andrew Mear has installed three, free-to-use charging points in the building’s car park, for visitors using shops and businesses within the complex. They have been fitted along a side wall at a cost of £7000, which was partly funded through the government’s ‘Green Initiative’.

Mr Mear said: “I’m really pleased that we have been able to add to the growing number of power sources needed by an increasing amount of vehicles. We have a large private car park at the rear of the mill for customers using shops and services within the building and we hope this will encourage more people to visit and take a look around what we have to offer.”

Electricity to power the charging points is taken directly from the 12th century mill’s own hydro system which was installed in 2009 and can be viewed from the Water Wheel House.