A MAN who suffers from acute paranoia was convinced his neighbour was spying on him through his television, Skipton magistrates were told.

Daniel Floyd, 31, of Jenny Gill Crescent, pleaded guilty to one charge of assault by beating which occurred on May 30 this year.,

Magistrates were told Floyd had walked into the home of his next door neighbour, Steven Fleming, and pushed him with both hands to his chest against a wall.

“He was said to be agitated and pacing up and down, repeating Mr Fleming was spying on him through his television,” said prosecutor Nadine Clough.

She said Floyd also accused Mr Fleming of trying to hack into his email account.

Defending, Julian White said his client suffered from acute paranoia and that the onset of Covid-19 had interrupted him taking his medication. He said the medication was not being properly controlled and resulted in Floyd being sectioned for a short time three weeks ago.

“It is a complex matter and very sad,” said Mr White adding it was a one-off incident which he regretted and that he was taking his medication properly now.

He said Mr Fleming was a friend of his client’s father and had been neighbours for 13 years. There had been no problems in the past.

Magistrates gave Floyd a conditional discharge for six months.

He was also ordered to pay court costs of £85 and a surcharge of £22.