A SKIPTON man has been ordered to compensate a van owner after he admitted scratching it with a crushed can.

Benjamin Timms, 21, of Cross Street, was seen to damage the vehicle belonging to Kevin Stoddart, in Neville Road, Gargrave.

The incident occurred on July 9 last year.

Skipton magistrates heard Timms has agreed a community resolution to pay an estimated repair cost of £350 by December 18, but had not done so despite asking for the victim’s bank details.

Defending, Gulfraz Khan said his client had been waiting for an invoice and had tried to contact the police twice on 101 to find out the correct sum before paying.

He added that Timms had admitted the offence and wanted to pay the agreed sum but was waiting to find out the right amount.

Mr Khan had asked for an adjournment to allow time for the complainant to provide an invoice but magistrates refused.

They ordered Timms pay compensation of £350 with no award for costs.