AS part of Skipton’s Heriots Hotel strive to embrace green issues, it has launched an initiative to plant 1,000 trees as an environmental legacy to local people who were lost to coronavirus.

Prior to lockdown, Herriots Hotel with Rhubarb restaurant had already made the conscious decision to reduce the impact they have as a business on the environment.

Examples of this already included eco-friendly toiletries, reduction in the amount of plastic used and working with suppliers to reduce delivery packaging. In March as part of a new waste management service provided by Yorwaste, Herriots now ensures that all the material collected from the hotel will either be recycled or transformed into green electricity.

Proprietor Michele Graham-Roe said “Lockdown has seen a dramatic effect on the planet, showing in a relatively short space of time the true impact we have upon it.

“The radical changes to daily life have undeniably had a positive effect environmentally and whilst thankfully not permanent, as the lockdown eases there are opportunities to be seized to help the planet going forward.

“We did however, want to do something on a larger scale locally. The result will be the planting of 1,000 trees in woodland on the outskirts of Thornton-in-Craven, where the proprietors reside.

Taking inspiration from the “Grieving Together Campaign” which uses a yellow heart in memory of loved ones lost to the virus, Herriots plans to offer the trees as a memorial to families which have lost someone to Covid within a 10 mile radius of Skipton.

A heart-shaped memorial plaque will be placed by the tree and whilst there will be no charge for this, if families wish to make a donation in memory of their loved one, the hotel has set up a funding page for Airedale Hospital which is celebrating 50 years of serving the local community this year.

Further details on the Herriots Remembrance Trees and how to apply for one, please visit their webpage: