A MAN narrowly missed going to prison for beating his mother in front of his young sister, Skipton magistrates heard.

Thomas Dodgson, 20, of Mill Gardens, High Bentham, admitted kicking his mother in the face, pinning her to the ground and pulling her hair on April 8 this year. The attack was witnessed by an eight-year-old girl.

Magistrates heard Dodgson, who suffered from Aspergers, was living with his mother at the time but has now moved in with his grandmother who said his behaviour has since been excellent.

He had drunk 14 cans of lager but felt remorse for what he had done although his mother said she had no injuries. He has since spent 10 days detoxing in hospital.

Dodgson was already serving a 12 months community order imposed in December 2019 for a conviction of violence against a neighbour.

Magistrates told him he could have gone to prison for the nature of the breach but was being spared this time and instead told him he was to complete his original order with a number of Rehabilitation Activity Requirements (RAR) still outstanding.

He was fined £200 with costs of £85 and a surcharge of £32.