Readers will have seen that Prime Minister Johnson believes his government is dealing with the Covid 19 crisis successfully.

He said in March that he was absolutely confident that we can send the virus packing within 12 weeks. Since then we in Britain have seen the highest death rate in Europe. If that is success then what on earth does failure look like?

It doesn't have to be like this. All those people did not have to die. If other European countries could contain the virus, so could we. It isn't just that the Tory government is incompetent. It is. Equally important though is their opposition to what they call state interference.

In reality is the government doing what it is there for i.e. looking after the people first? Johnson was still boasting about shaking hands just before the lockdown and his inevitable dose of Covid.

It is wonderful that so many people now support the NHS and other key workers, and have been out clapping for them and recognise how important they are to society. The sight of Tory MPs clapping is of course distasteful.

When the NHS was created, every single Tory MP voted against it. Only a few months ago they clapped and cheered in Parliament when they voted down a pay rise for nurses. Even now, they are privatising the NHS whilst praising it.

The NHS is not and never will be safe in Tory hands. Clapping isn't enough, we must support and vote for the party of the NHS, the Labour Party. The next General Election is some way off, but there should be local elections in the next 12 months.

This will be the opportunity to support the party of the key workers and NHS.

Peter Bell

Airebank Terrace