THERE must be some pretty tough birds in Skipton after a broken shop window was put down to an unfortunate avian.

The pictured damaged window was reported to North Yorkshire Police this morning (Tuesday) and after going to the Filmore & Union premises and inspecting the damage, PSCO Ruth Pearson (tweeted): "We don't believe this smashed window on Sheep St is crime related, we think the poor dead bird ( arrowed! ) may have come a cropper after smashing into it! However if you have any info that says otherwise, please let us know."

She added that there was no sign of any disturbance inside the building and nothing appeared to have been taken.

A number of responses to her post suggest the bird was too small to break through the glass. Another said perhaps the glass was already cracked while someone else said perhaps the speed the bird was flying resulted in its demise and the damage to the window.

Perhaps we'll never know.

The window is now safely boarded up.