THE new owners of the former Job Centre building, in Skipton’s Newmarket Street, have applied for an amendment to a prior approval notification, agreed in 2017, relating to its change of use into 26 apartments.

Candelisa Ltd have applied to Craven District Council to apply to alter the internal subdivision of the building to retain the existing staircase arrangement which had been altered by the initial consent under prior approval.

Candelesa’s application refers to a scheme of 30 homes in the detached former office premises which date to the 1980s and extending over four storeys.

The application was verified on December 13.

One representation so far suggests there is inadequate access to the site with inadequate parking provision.

They also claim the development will lead to an increase in traffic, adding that more open space was needed. They claim the development is too dense and ‘will lead to an increase in traffic in an already busy and congested road and surrounding area’.