A DRAUGHTON couple have spoken of their unease that school sixth formers were able to access their personal information when applying for bus passes.

The couple, who did not want their names revealing, had moved from Oxenhope and are living in Lothersdale while their home in Draughton is being renovated.

The wife of the couple said they had been told at Keighley Bus Station, where they applied for their bus pass last time, that because they had moved over the border, they had to apply to North Yorkshire this time.

She said: “We made an appointment to come to Skipton Library but were shocked when we were assisted by two Ermysted’s sixth formers with an iPad.

“We had been told to take a shed load of identification including driving licences and passports, utility bills and our National Insurance numbers.

“We were worried that although they were very polite, the information was being put onto a portable machine that could go missing. I asked them if there was a risk of identity fraud.

“We have just sold a house and put a lot of money into our bank account with far less fuss than we were expected to go through to get a bus pass in North Yorkshire. What was more, we were told we had to open an account with the county council. I was very unhappy with it all and cancelled the process.

“What would older people do in this instance who do not have internet access? The only reason we went was because our wifi is not connected up yet.”

A spokesman for the county council said the sixth formers were on work experience and had been trained fully.

He said: “The county council’s library service provides volunteering opportunities for the whole community, including work experience opportunities for sixth form students.

The library is very grateful for the help these young volunteers give to the community and has received a number of positive comments from members of the public about the quality of the services they provide.