A POLICE week of action against knife crime as part of national Operation Sceptre has seen positive results.

Surrender bins at eight police stations across North Yorkshire resulted in over 140 knives or blades safely handed in and officers undertook a number of interventions under the force’s Operation Divan which aims to identify and support young people who may be thinking of, or already carry weapons or knives.

Officers also distributed posters across the region’s schools, educating children about the dangers of carrying knives and ensuring they know what to do should they come across a knife or bladed weapon.

North Yorkshire Police Detective Superintendent Fran Naughton, said: “We are pleased with the response to Operation Sceptre which provides an important opportunity to talk about knife crime with children and young people - highlighting the dangers of carrying a knife but also offering support for them and their families.

“Instances of knife crime in North Yorkshire are very low but through initiatives like Operation Sceptre and Operation Divan we work hard to keep it that way. We’d like to thank everyone who has handed in knives throughout the week and positively engaged with officers.”

Operation Divan is a police initiative to identify and support young people who may be thinking of or already carrying weapons or knives.