A CIRCUS performer was rushed to hospital on Thursday night after coming off the Wheel of Death during a performance in Silsden.

The man is understood to have been been found not to have suffered any serious injury and was released in the early hours of this morning.

The air ambulance was called but was not needed and he was taken to hospital by road.

The performer is thought to have had his fall broken by a man in the audience with his young daughter.

There have been no reports of any injuries to them.

A spokesman for the circus said: "One of our performers took a tumble at the start of the Wheel of Death act, which is the finale act of the show. This is where our performers show off their death-defying feats of running around the giant hamster wheel.

"On the very first trick he lost grip and the momentum of the wheel threw him towards the audience but thankfully the fencing around the ring took the brunt of his fall before falling towards the audience

"We were very lucky to have a doctor, nurse and a paramedic in the audience who rushed to his aid. A huge thank you to these people who jumped in straight away to assist.

"The show carried on as we knew he was in good hands with these three amazing women looking after him until the ambulance arrived.

"The air ambulance was called but was not needed in the end and he travelled by road."

They added they wanted to thank the emergency services for their assistance.

On the Silsden Buzz Facebook page, Circus Mondao ringmistress Petra Jackson posted in response to reports of the incident: "I was not aware of our performer landing on anyone until the end of the show when the parents came to me. I apologised and tried to explain that this was the first I knew of it (that he had fallen on a member of the public). As soon as possible one of the performers of the act came over at the end of the act and apologised and said to the family that he did not do it on purpose and it was a freak accident.

"I really do hope that your daughter is ok and your husband as I see he said he took some of the blow as well."

Circus Mondao is due to finish performing in Keighley Road, Silsden, on Sunday.