SETTLE residents are being asked to give their views on plans to house a proposed skatepark on land near the town’s swimming pool.

An earlier proposal to place the children’s facility on a play area off Bond Lane was ruled out after a public outcry and the town council was forced to seek an alternative site.

The latest plans, using the same skatepark design, have the backing of former Olympic skier Emma Lonsdale, from Langcliffe, who says it will be ‘constructive’ for young people.

From earlier public consultations it was agreed by councillors approach North Yorkshire County Council to ask for permission to have the facility on a strip of land adjacent to the swimming pool building and car park.

A spokesman for the town council said:”We are still waiting for a response from the county council on whether they will lease this area to us, but hope a decision will be made soon. They have not yet said no.”

The council is also in touch with Sport England which had agreed a funding package of around £50,000 for the previous site.

The spokesman added: “Hopefully Sport England will support this site so we will get the same funding agreed on Bond Lane. We are really waiting for the response from North Yorkshire County Council before we can set everything in motion. In the meantime we want to get everything in place, without having to spend much money, and get the views of the public so we are ready when we get the go-ahead. “

Plans for a skate and wheel park have been on-going for more than 17 years, but coming up with a favourable site has proved difficult.

A criteria for funding from Sport England is that the site must be owned by the town council or available on a long-term lease.

The facility has been praised on social media by Langcliffe Olympic skier Emma Lonsdale. She wrote on the town council’s Facebook page, where a location plan is shown: “Facilities like this could create the athletes of the future. They also provide something constructive for young people to do in their free time that is free (after skateboard/scooter/skates purchased). Learning the skills required for these kind of sports is amazing for both bodies and minds.

The stigma around “youths” and skating was left back in the ‘90s. If the young people of Settle have fought so hard for this and get to help build it, they will fiercely look after it.

The plans are available to view at Settle Town Hall.