ANGRY residents in Hellifield who have been told they cannot walk along a road they claim is public, have organised a protest community walk to take place this Saturday.

Organisers are asking people to join them at Waterside Lane, off the A65, to the west of Hellifield where a hotel, car park and regeneration centre is currently being built.

Developers have said Waterside Lane, known locally as the ‘Road to Nowhere’ is not going to be made public but residents argue they have been using it for more than 20 years and are working towards having its status changed to a Right of Way and gathering evidence statements.

At a recent meeting at Hellifield Institute to discuss the development at the flashes, it was said Waterside Lane had been built using public money and had been intended to provide access to the station, but was never completed.

They said they had been told to leave the road while out walking or taking photographs of the development taking place and said they felt intimidated by people working on site.

It was suggested at the meeting that people form a group and walk along the route together.

A poster stating ‘Keep Waterside Lane Open’ has been placed at the end of Waterside Lane where it joins the A65 and asks for people to take along banners and placards and to ‘bring family and friends’.

People with mobility difficulties are being advised to get a lift or drive and park along Waterside Lane.

The walk is due to begin at 10.30am.