THOUSANDS of people descended on Malham on Saturday as the annual agricultural event enjoyed the hottest show for a generation.

For the first time the showfield enjoyed contactless technology.

“It’s made such a lot of difference,” said chairman Phillip Hargreaves.

“Not everyone carries a a lot of cash these days so being able to pay by card has made things easier and smoother.

“It has been a super show this year. We have had over 500 sheep and cattle entries and over 1,500 produce entries,” he said.

Mr Hargreaves, a drystone waller by trade, is well used to Malham Show.

His father was chairman 20 years ago and his grandfather was chairman before that.

“We wanted to make the experience as positive as possible to those who have visited today.

“We have had commentary going on in a lot of sections to explain what is going on.

“There was a questions and answers commentary as the drystone walling contest was going on to help people understand why they were doing something a particular way.

“There was commentary with some of the other classes too so people who are not involved in farming could find out what was going on. By explaining what the judges were looking for really helps connect the public to the show. It has worked very well and makes it a more fascinating day for visitors,” he said.

Mr Hargreaves said having a lot of young handlers with the stock brought a youth element to the show and added to the showgoers’ day.

Show president David Sutcliffe, of Sutcliffe Construction, who attended with his wife, Lisa, said they had enjoyed the atmosphere.

“It has been super. The show is all about the community and it has been good to see so many people here enjoying everything on offer,” he said.

Mrs Sutcliffe added: “The work that goes on behind the scenes to get a show like this to run so smoothly is astounding and we want to thank everyone who has been involved.

“There is so much hard work that goes on that people don’t see which happens even before the show even opens and it is thanks to all those who have helped out. We have really enjoyed being part of it.”

Organisers said the day was the hottest show day since 1993 and several fields had been given over to car parking to accommodate the thousands of vehicles which arrived.

On the field, livestock entries proved popular as did the equestrian sections, vintage tractors and classic Morris cars and Landrovers.

Despite the hot weather, the hot food vans did a roaring trade and there were plenty of sitting areas for people to enjoy their al fresco dining.

Children were entertained with Punch and Judy, a bungee and ferret racing.

Sarah Maxwell, of Keighley and Worth Valley Ferret Welfare had taken 40 ferrets, one of which was her favourite, Ringo, which she found abandoned in her garden four years ago.

Bradford and District Motor Club youngsters showed off their agility along a trials bike course while runners ignored the blistering heat to take part in the fell racing.

Talents in the garden and kitchen were showcased in the produce, floral art and culinary classes with all ages taking part while the egg throwing contest provided a cracking spectacle in the main ring.

List of winners:

Best vintage tractor Bernard Marshall

Best heifer in calf Allan Throup

Best cow in calf IR & DE Wellock

Best cow in milk DM & J Booth

Cattle group Allan Throup

Champion local dairy animal IR & DE Wellock

Reserve Mary Throup

Reserve champion dairy animal Allan Throup

Overall champion dairy animal DM & J Booth

Champion commercial beef Nigel Leighton

Champion pure bred animal John Stephenson

Reserve M&F Ewbank

Champion highland cow Alison Whitehead

Champion highland animal Alison Whitehead

Reserve Alison Whitehead

Most points in the dairy, beef, pure bred and highland classes John Stephenson

Best homebred male or female animal in cattle classes John Stephenson

Overall champion beef animal from section c and d Nigel Leighton

Young farmers’ club with most points in the YFC classes JW Stephenson

Young farmers member ( Most points from Coniston Cold YFC Show and Malham Show) Mary Throup

Most points Dalesbred R Close

Dalesbred pen J Carr

Champion Swaledale Robert Tennant

Reserve R Close

Most points Swaledale Robert Tennant

Best local Swaledale S&D Robinson

Reserve S&D Robinson

Swaledale Sheep Most points Gargrave, Malham, Gargrave and Kilnsey Awarded Aug 27th

Mule gimmer lamb Ashley Caton

Overall champion mule Ashley Caton

Reserve JK Wilson & Son

Most points (Pair of Mule Gimmer Lambs, pair of butcher’s lambs, terminal sire, local blue faced Leicester) Ashley Caton

Pair butchers lambs Tom Heseltine

Blue faced Leicester Ashley Caton

Reserve Ashley Caton

Champion blue faced Leicester Ashley Caton

Champion continental T Heseltine

Reserve J Shoesmith

Champion sheep (local) Chris Wray

Reserve Jack Foster

Champion sheep (open) Robert Tennant

Champion rare sheep breed (primitive) Chris Wray

Champion rare breed Angela Crampton

Reserve Debbie Pearson

Traditional hay meadow Richard Paul

2 kilos of grass silage Richard Paul

Novice working hunters (15 hands & under) Olivia McMullen

Novice working hunters (15 hands & over) Paula Dunning

Open horse over 14.2 hands Laura Myerscough

In hand working hunter champion Paula Dunning

In-hand champion (Classes N10-N13) Milley Smalley

Ridden class champion (Classes N4-N9 Olivia McMullen

Show jumping child / pony combination judged to have made a good effort Emily Butcher

Show jumping pre-novice showjumping champion (Class N15) Adele Horner

Show jumping novice pony (under 14.2 hands) Catherine Oversby

Show jumping intermediate horse/pony winner (Class N17) Molly Ratcliffe

Best exhibit - flowers Kath Wellock

Best exhibit - vegetable Judy Metcalfe

Best exhibit - vegetable - local Judy Metcalfe

Most points Classes O2 to O76 Michael McQuillan

Outstanding exhibit - floral Ruth Hall

Outstanding exhibit - P10 - P12 Lily Hall

Winner of class 9 Margot Cranham

Best exhibit Section Q Edward Forrow

Outstanding exhibit class Q1 to Q18 James Dobson

Outstanding exhibit class Q19 to Q24 Penny Paiseley

Outstanding exhibit class Q25 - Q29 Amanda Foster

Best local – handwriting Section R Emma Peel

Winner S26 Sharon Robinson

Winner S29 Rob Dickens

Out standing exhibit class S1 - S30 Rachael Caton

Out standing exhibit class S31 - S43 P A Conwell

Most outstanding exhibit in section T Victoria Forrow

Most points in section S + T Dorothy Carr

Local exhibitor most points in sections S + T Dorothy Carr

Winner of class T11 Rachel Greer

Outstanding piece of work in T14 - T17 Sarah Greenwood

Ages 12 - 16, highest points in classes Q16 - Q19, R5, R10 Jack Caton

Outstanding exhibit Hannah Greer

Age 11 and under - highest points in classes Q,R and V Margot Cranham

Under 11 - outstanding exhibit in section V Thomas Caton

Outstanding exhibit made as a primary school activity Amy Blanchfield

First runner home ( Under 9 s ) Isaac Reeday

Winner of class x2 ( Under 12 s ) Archie Peaker

First local home X2 ( Under 12 s Local ) Anna Petrucci

Winner in class X3 ( Under 14 s ) Jacob Reeday

Winner of class X4 ( Under 17 s )Arthur Peel

First local home X4 ( Under 17 s Local ) Arthur Peel

Winner in class X5 ( Seniors ) Adam Osborne

First lady home X5 ( Seniors ) Jo Andrews

First home local X5 ( Senior - Local ) Tom Marsh

Winner 4 hour MTB trailquest Section X Graham Tibbot

Winner of Y1 - dry stone walling James Kidd

Young farmers best - dry stone walling Under 21s Simon Morphet

Winner of Y2 - dry stone walling Rob Hayton

Winner of section Z S & W Blundell

Winner of family class - most points Caton Family