THE Labour Market remains buoyant in Skipton, states a recent report from JobCentre Plus and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Skipton Jobcentre says it has provided a range of activities over the last couple of months that have enabled claimants to move forward into the labour market.

The employer adviser has been working with the employers such as Burger King, Caice, Quilting Antics and Atkinson and Roberts to fill their recruitment needs and introduce them to the best possible candidates.

A spokesman for JCP said: “Our employment adviser also continues to advertise and promote all Craven District Council vacancies. We have also worked alongside The British Heart Foundation to highlight the benefit of work experience.”

On July 2, Skipton Jobcentre ran a sector based work academy in conjunction with Tyro Training and Make Care Matter.

The Partnership Adviser continues to work alongside/in conjunction with local partners and providers to support claimants. This month partners include Cellar Trust, NYCC, Positive Progressions (Information Session for parents & carers of dependant children), Adult Learning & Skills Service and National Carers Weekly.

Across Yorkshire and the Humber, people in work total 2.58 million, up 195,000 since 2010.