WHAT could have turned out to be a disastrous 21st birthday celebration for the daughter of a Skipton family, became a huge success, thanks to Skipton Oddfellows.

Mollie Mulheron, a Newcastle Universty student studying modern languages, was eagerly looking forward to a party organised by her parents, Lisa and Mark Mulheron, of Moorview Way.

An adult bouncy castle was planned and a large marquee was erected at their home.

But the approaching storms on Saturday had other ideas and the company hiring the bouncy castle cancelled due to health and safety concerns and the marquee was in danger of blowing away.

Mrs Mulheron said: “We were in a really desperate situation. People were travelling from as far away as Cornwall, Liverpool and Newcastle to the party.

“We realised on Friday night that the marquee would not hold. It was acting as a sail and the only thing we could do was take it down in torrential rain.

“We then phoned round all the nearby venues to try and find somewhere we could hold the party but everywhere was booked up.

“The last on the list was the Three Links Club which I didn’t know much about.

“We went along to see them and in true Dunkirk spirit they said they would do what they could to help us. I looked them up and their ethos is to help others, although I didn’t know much about them until then. They really saved the day and we are so grateful to them. The end result was outstanding.

“We spent the next five hours moving all the decorations, food and drink there. It was a race against time as 70 people were battling the bad weather to get to us and we had to let them all know where the party was.

“Mollie had been in floods of tears in the morning thinking her birthday, which was also a joint welcome home party as she had been abroad in Graz, in Austria, and in Valencia studying, was not going ahead, but ended up having the best time.

“I really want people to know how brilliant the Oddfellows were in helping us out at such short notice.”

Oddfellows’ Provincial Grand Master Derek Stansfield said the organisation was happy to help and always welcomes visitors to use their facilities and entertainment.

He said: “Although Oddfellows Three Links had an event of their own on that night, as there were two rooms and with a little good will and compromise by both parties, it was agreed that Mollie’s 21st birthday party could go ahead.

“We were glad to help out and watch them enjoy a special occasion.”