A FORMER deputy head teacher at Ermysted’s Grammar School, in Skipton, has published a book based on the experiences of a group of youngsters growing up in the Yorkshire Dales during the 1950s.

David Clough, author or Yorkie Boys said: “I wanted to re-create the innocence and happiness of those days.

“It was such a great time to be a kid. We were free to roam wild, light fires, stay out late, go fishing and climbing trees, kiss the girls and play out all day, without any fear or adult supervision. Our parents never knew where we were from breakfast to bedtime. I feel so sorry for kids nowadays because they have so many restrictions placed on them. They never get chance to enjoy life as we did.

“When I retired from Ermysted’s after 26 years of highly-enjoyable teaching, I was determined not to just fade away or become a grumpy old man. I’ve always written plays and short stories - we put on many plays and musicals at Ermysted’s, which I loved doing - so I returned to writing.

“I was a finalist in the Wexford International Short Story competition last December and I’d just had a couple of stories published, so I thought I’d tackle something more ambitious. Yorkie Boys is the result.

“ I’ve always told my students that they should write from their own experience – it’s always much more lively and honest – so that’s what I did.

“My family came from Hampsthwaite and we lived in Knaresborough, Richmond and Bedale. We moved around the Dales at regular intervals because my dad was with the Royal Signals and they kept posting him - so I wrote about some of the experiences I’d had while growing up in God’s Own County.

“I hope that reading it will bring back happy memories of their childhood for many people.”

Yorkie Boys is available on Amazon and on Kindle e-books and from independent bookshops in Otley, Ripon, Richmond, Thirsk and Knaresborough.