A PROPOSED single dwelling has been refused by a planning committee after the application was described as potentially “horrendous and dreadful” for a neighbouring property”.

The site at Copper Coin, Nethergill Lane, in Cononley, had been recommended for approval by officers but had been called in to Monday’s Craven District Council planning committee by ward councillor Andy Brown.

The application was a revised resubmission following the lapse of permission granted in 2008.

Cllr Brown said: “It is clear that this application is an add-on, not infill. Also the impact on the neighbours is unsatisfactory.”

Cllr Brown said the application appeared to be garden-grabbing and that the suggested residential need for the village up to 2032 of 105 houses had already been surpassed with approved planning applications.

Planning committee chairman Councillor Alan Sutcliffe added that the western elevation was too close to a neighbours garden - around half a metre at its nearest point.

“I think it would look horrendous,” he said.

“I think it is an intrusion in the next door neighbour’s privacy and would put their garden in shade for probably three quarters of the day. I don’t think that is a fair situation to impose on a next door neighbour.”

Councillor Ian Thompson said he had concerns over the size of the property.

“I think this is over-development on such a small site. It will leave a piece of land almost fully occupied with a building and no curtilage.”

Councillor Chris Rose added: “It will present the neighbours at the back with a black wall which will be so obvious. I basically think it’s appalling; pretty dreadful.”

Highways objected to the plans through lack of visibility at the junction.

The parish council also objected on its impact in a conservation area.

Reasons for refusal were given as lost amenity and overshadowing to the adjoining property and garden, and potential traffic dangers at the junction.