SETTLE High School's intake year of 1969 is holding a reunion as former classmates reach the age of 60.

The event involves those who started school in that year and were grouped in houses North, South, East and West.

It is taking place at Settle Cricket Club from 7pm on Saturday, September 22.

It is almost exactly 20 years since the last reunion with around 60 people so far saying they will be able to attend, including a number of former teachers.

Some of those going along have not met since they left school more than 44 years ago.

Main organiser of the reunion is David McGonnigal, of Ingleton, who was in East.

He is compiling a list of attendees so numbers can be confirmed with the caterers by September 15.

Many people have moved address since the last gathering so social media is being used to try and reach everyone.

Anyone who was in that year group and who has not yet been contacted but wishes to go can contact him by email at: or phone/text message on 07969 689 657.

Mail photo shows 1 East class in 1969. They are, from the left, back row: Toni Lawson, Kay Askew, Susan Carr, Christine Hemingway, Heather Soames, Ann Garnett, Susan Whitehead.

Fourth row: Marianne Hitchin, Jill Verden, Helen Reid, Jacqui Brown.

Third row: Angela Hoyle, Vivien Bicknell, Kathleen Ball, Deborah Whinray, Janice Lord, Barbara Kavanagh.

Second row: Michael Dickens, William Hird, Philip Sharpe, David Robinson, Neil Gowland, Michael Walker, Norman Carr, Eddie Edmondson.

Front row: Colin Ralph, Roger Swale, Bryan Jackson, Frankie Eccleston, Andrew Otway, David McGonnigal, Vaughan Smith.