THE owner of land at a beauty spot said he would like to see a booze ban to help reduce the amount of litter dumped each week.

Chris Maudsley, of Knight Stainforth Hall Camping and Caravan Park, said he is constantly dismayed at littering from picnickers and wild campers at Stainforth Force, locally known as the foss.

He posted a picture on Facebook taken after the May Day Bank Holiday showing piles of rubbish at the side of the road near the beauty spot which he reported to the council as flytipping and Craven District Council came to collect it.

“We have had trouble with littering for years. More than 30 years ago we had 45 gallon drums there for litter but people kept throwing them in the river so we took them away.

“Many years ago we used the field as a car park and charged people £1 to park to help pay for the management but they complained at the cost.

“They’d spend £30 on booze but didn’t want to spend a bit to pay to keep the place clean.

“Almost every weekend when the weather is good there are piles of beer bottles, cans, food, barbecues and sometimes tents and clothing.

“They come to a lovely place, bring food and drink with them, and then leave the litter when they could take it home.

“I’d like to see a drinks ban there like they have in some public places. Besides, drinking and swimming is not a good combination so there is a safety aspect. I expect it would be hard to police though.”

Mr Maudsley said he doesn’t pick up rubbish now as national park rangers do regular clear ups.

“I planted around 5,000 trees on five or six acres of land near the foss as part of a River Ribble Trust scheme to create woodland and habitats and encourage wildlife.

“As a sort of trade off from this the Yorkshire Dales National Park manages the area and clears the rubbish away now.

“The reason we don’t do it any more is because our commercial waste bill at the caravan park from Craven District Council has gone up from £1,000 to £5,000 in the last three years and I flatly refuse to put other people’s rubbish in the waste which I have to pay for.”

There is also the problem of people using the area as a toilet.

“I learned to swim in the foss when I was younger but I certainly wouldn’t let my kids swim in there these days.

“It is a shame because it has always been a popular spot but mindless people are spoiling it.

“Having the council come and clear away piles of mess ends up costing the taxpayer.”