A SHORTLIST for the Pendle Business Awards 2018 is to be announced this week.

Judges are reading through the 78 entries and those chosen will present their case for winning an award when they are visited in May.

The winners will be announced at the sixth Pendle Business Awards on Thursday, July 5 at the Fence Gate Inn, in Fence.

They will receive the Pendle trophy, an elegant glass and metal sculpture inspired by Pendle Hill.

Dennis Mendoros, chairman of Pendle Vision Board, said: “We’re fortunate in Pendle to have dynamic companies at the cutting edge and world leaders in their field. This is a fantastic way for us to celebrate them and get the message out that Pendle is the place to do business.”

Event organiser Mark Sandamas added: “We’re delighted to have received almost 80 entries from a wide variety of businesses. This demonstrates how important and highly-valued Pendle Business Awards are to local commerce.”