A TOP-OF-TOWN bar owner discovered a mysterious "pool and trail of blood" along North Parade this morning.

Keith Wildman, who runs The Record Café in Bradford city centre, found the red substance outside his bar today.

He said there was a pool of blood near the curb - around three feet across - which then stretched around 20 yards up past Noodle Sing and round the corner onto Fountain Street.

The blood trail also went the other way down North Parade with another large splatter further down the road.

Mr Wildman cleaned the blood outside his premises, but contacted Bradford Council to try sort the rest.

He said on Twitter: "Any chance if someone coming to jetwash the pool and trail of blood on North Parade BD1 outside Noodle Sing that runs right round the corner to fountain street.

"I’ve done the bit outside my place but can’t do the whole lot. Cheers."

The local authority's Twitter account responded to say the Graffiti Team had been informed and would jetwash it at 6am on Thursday, if they had not done so already.

Mr Wildman told the T&A that it's not unusual to see blood on the pavement in the morning, "but not so much".

He further responded to Bradford Council when the local authority's Twitter account asked how much blood there was and if he had any idea where it had come from.

He said: "A fair old splatter on the curb. A few feet across.

"Then a hefty trail for 20 yards or so.

"No idea. It was there this morning so must have happened overnight. Looks like someone either getting in or out of a car."