BRADFORD has been ranked as having the lowest monthly cost of living in the UK, according to a survey.

UK and London index created by Currys PC World, in collaboration with Ring Security, compares 50 major towns and cities in the UK (including individual London boroughs) on affordability, safety, work-life, green spaces and amenities.

Bradford’s monthly cost of living is £573 per person, while London has the highest at £845.

Meanwhile, based on a combination of factors – average property price (three-bed), cost of living (excluding rent or mortgage) and weekly earnings – Derby ranked as the most affordable place to live overall.

Bradford and Middlesbrough ranked second and third respectively for affordability, while London has the highest at £845.

Elsewhere, Bradford, Gloucester, Stoke-on-Trent and Bradford are the best places for work-life based on a combination of employment rate, commute and internet speed.

Hull, Huddersfield, York, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield all share the top spot for the shortest average commute (39 mins per day), while London has the longest (79 mins).