Ilkley Soroptimists are meeting again at the Clarke Foley.

The President’s theme of New Horizons was launched by Cllr Ros Brown, Ilkley’s Deputy Mayor.

Speaking purely in a personal capacity to a non party political organisation, Ros highlighted the key influences, individuals, national and local occurrence which had shaped her development and outlook at varying stages of her life.

Ros had moved from Essex to Ilkley, moved her support across political parties, and acknowledged differing influences from family to journalists, from national concerns such as Aldermarston to local issues on school places. These diverse factors led her to supporting the Green Party locally. Ros also spoke of the time and commitment of becoming involved in new activities but this has led directly to new opportunities to widen personal horizons.

This year marks the centenary of Soroptimist International. The first Soroptimist club was founded in California in 1921 and the first world conference of Soroptimist clubs was held in 1928.The Federation of Great Britain and Ireland was established in 1934