A WHARFEDALE business has been praised for its ‘heroics’ during the pandemic.

Gary and Paula McNeil, who run Pool-in-Wharfedale’s Post Office and store on Main Street, have been helping keep villagers supplied with essentials since the coronavirus outbreak began.

They have also been delivering shopping to those who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. The community website www.poolinwharfedale.co.uk has paid tribute to their efforts by posting a photo of the branch with a message of gratitude.

It reads: “A big thank you to Gary, Paula and family at Pool Post Office. They have performed heroics getting a great range of food and supplies for the residents of Pool, in particular for those villagers having to self-isolate.”

In 2014 campaigners won a fight to keep the PO branch, which had been earmarked for relocation to the Shell fuel station, at the heart of the village.