THE YORKSHIRE Party is supporting Leeds Bradford Airport’s new terminal plan - but not if daytime flying hours are extended.

The airport (LBA) is proposing to replace the existing terminal, which dates back to the 1960s, with what it says would be ‘one of the most sustainable airport buildings in the UK’.

Critics say the development, which is part of LBA’s plans to increase annual passenger numbers to seven million by 2030, would double its carbon emissions and lead to increased flights.

The airport - which has committed to a £4 million Sustainable Travel Fund should its scheme be approved - insists that is not the case and that its modernisation is essential to support the region’s economy.

The Yorkshire Party has now announced that it would support the creation of the new terminal but only if a ‘strict condition’ about flying hours is attached to the planning approval.

The party’s leader, Rawdon resident Bob Buxton, said: “The new terminal is designed to high environmental standards and to improve the efficient running of the airport - which we support.

“But why bundle it together with a proposal to extend daytime flying hours, which will allow more and nosier flights between 6 and 7am and from 11 to 11.30pm?

“Is it an attempt to get these unpopular changes through ‘under the radar’?”

He added: “Currently, LBA uses up much of its night time flight allowance between 6 and 7am; since this time slot is defined as ‘night’, they have to use quieter aircraft.

“Not only would the proposed changes enable noisier aircraft in the early morning but it would free up the night time allowance.

“This would disturb those currently living nearby and also residents of the planned green belt housing (which I oppose) off Victoria Avenue, in Yeadon.”

The party is asking ‘that the application be refused due to the inclusion of increased daytime flying hours, or passed if a strict condition is applied that day time flying hours, and the number of night time flights, are not increased’.

In a letter the airport’s CEO, Hywel Rees, said: “LBA’s current night time hours are 11pm until 7am. Most other UK airports’ night time hours are 11.30pm until 6am. This puts LBA at a serious competitive disadvantage.”