OTLEY Town Council is asking residents to ‘vote for a voice for Otley’.

Townspeople will soon be going to the polls to answer yes or no to the question: ‘Do you want Leeds City Council to use the Otley Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’.

The referendum is being held on Thursday, February 20 and follows six years of work that was led by councillors and residents with advice from planning consultants. The town council says the document, if adopted, will ‘inject a community voice into the planning system’ and help control future development.

Chair Councillor Richard Hughes (Lib Dem, West Chevin) said: “We need to take this opportunity to ensure we have a seat at the table when it comes to making decisions on planning applications that affect the residents of the town. This plan gives us that. I urge all residents to go to the polling stations and vote yes on February 20.”