RESIDENTS in Aireborough, Horsforth and Wharfedale are being advised to spend more time on making their outbuildings secure.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team has issued crime prevention tips following a recent increase in the number of shed and garage burglaries. The team is warning people that criminals are only too aware that security tends to be weakest on outbuildings.

It has issued these tips for sheds:

*Ensure the door, door frame and walls are solid and replace rotten sections

*Fit two closed shackle padlocks on strong padlock hasps- one a third of the way up the door and one a third of the way down from the top

*Consider integrating your shed into your home alarm system and using dusk until dawn lighting

Some of the same points apply to garages which can also be fitted with a garage door blocker and loop cables which, fixed to the wall or floor, can be passed through expensive property.