AN HISTORIC Wharfedale Unionist Club is closing.

The club, in Burley-in-Wharfedale, is set to close down on Tuesday, December 10 due to a falling membership and lack of regular custom. Based on Main Street, it was founded in 1887 and at one time had William Fison, of Greenholme Mills, as one of its trustees and members.

Its position has moved about over the years - in 1901 it was listed (as the Constitutional Club) at 103 Main Street - and its name can still be seen engraved on the building there.

By 1904 it was at 131 Main Street in what was a private house, owned by a Robert Robinson, and the name was now the Conservative Club with the building being shared with Craven Bank.

Club Secretary Martin Walker picks up the history. He said: “By 1909 and still at 131 Main Street (which by then had become 109, its current address) the name was the Unionist Club and the Craven Bank had changed to the Bank of Liverpool Ltd which would eventually move further down Main Street while the club would be expanded.”