DOUBLE red lines have gone down outside Leeds Bradford Airport to prevent unauthorised stopping.

The lines are part of a red no stopping route put in place by Leeds City Council.

The proposals were put forward last year amid concerns about congestion, road safety and the potential for a terrorist attack.

A Leeds City Council report in December said: “Ensuring adequate and effective access to the airport facilities is essential to the efficient functioning of the airport and hence proposals have previously been prepared for the enhancement of the existing traffic management arrangements with the establishment of Red Route restrictions on Whitehouse Lane the sole public access route.

“These proposals were identified as being necessary following discussions with

the airport company and input from the police regarding ongoing concerns about the implications of ongoing unauthorised parking for road safety, airport access and


The proposals attracted more than 20 objections and one letter of support.

The Red Route Clearway was approved for Whitehouse Lane, the access route, and other roads adjacent to Leeds Bradford Airport.

A council report said: “The ongoing drop-off and collection of passengers along

these key routes, around the regional airport, despite the presence of waiting and

loading restriction, are creating traffic congestion, which could clearly hinder

emergency service vehicles from accessing the site in the event of an emergency

and which, therefore conflicts with their regulatory obligations.

It added: “Furthermore the location, being so close to the airport, is an identified risk area for individuals who may have other hostile intent.”