A SCHOOL’s commitment to climate-friendly healthy eating has been recognised with a Food for Life award.

Yeadon Westfield Infant School was given the silver award for its work to transform the school’s food culture and that of the local community.

The school serves meals on plates instead of flight trays and has a range of free range, local and organic items on the menu.

Pupils and their parents can attend a cooking club and get to prepare and eat the produce they have grown in school.

Parents and the wider community can also get involved through food themed events including the Food For Life Christmas Fair and invitations to roast dinner on Wednesdays.

A school spokeswoman said all the pupils were very proud of the award.

Yeadon Westfield Infant School is now working towards the Food for Life Gold Award – the ultimate award that recognises schools, which use practical learning experiences to reconnect young people to the food they eat, following the journey from field to plate.

Headteacher Dawn Lowry said: “As a school we are committed to the children being aware of where their food comes from and how they can eat healthily. Everyone in school would like to thank Elizabeth Middleton, the school business manager, for her tenacity and leadership in achieving this award. Now we are going for gold.”

The school says independent research, summarised in a new report Good Food for All reveals the success of five years of Food for Life. The evidence from three independent research studies focuses in particular on four main areas of impact - children’s health, tackling inequalities, improving education, and local enterprise and sustainability.

Food for Life has created a network involving more than 4,500 schools across England committed to transforming their food culture. It supports them to provide fresh, well-sourced and nutritious meals and improve their overall lunchtime experience. It helps children, adults and teachers understand the importance of good nutrition and where their food comes from through practical cooking and growing activities and farm visits.

Food for Life is a Soil Association programme, bringing together the practical expertise of national partners Focus on Food, Garden Organic and the Health Education Trust.

To find out more, visit www.foodforlife.org.uk