A HUGE new painting by artist Alke Schmidt has gone on show at Salts Mill, kicking off this year’s Saltaire Arts Trail.

The Work of Salts was hung yesterday in preparation for the Arts Trail, which is taking place this bank holiday weekend.

Schmidt is passionate about Britain’s industrial heritage, which for her is a cornerstone of ‘the people’s history.’

She had wanted to create a response to the mill and its people ever since setting foot in the historic building.

She said: “The mill left such a strong impression on me: its remarkable history of vision, hope and hard work; its visual impact; its great spirit and energy; its beautiful Victorian alpaca dress fabrics; the scent of lilies in the 1853 Gallery; and especially the people whose work has made Salts a success then and now.”

The Work of Salts, commissioned by Salts Mill, is a multi-layered triptych measuring almost three metres wide. It shows Sir Titus, trails of the alpacas whose yarn helped make his fortune, the Burmantofts Pottery displayed in the mill today and the frontage of the building.