SIR – As former residents of Holme Wood, my wife and I are opposed to any building in Tong Valley. This beautiful piece of countryside should be preserved for the people of south Bradford, Birkenshaw, Birstall, Morley.

The Tong and Fulneck Valley Association collected 1,000 signatures against any development, whereas Bradford Council have no signatures in favour of it, nor were there any members of the public present at the meeting at City Hall on January 20 that were for it.

The Council had already made its mind up and gave no consideration to the detailed submission made by Gordon Dey, the association’s chairman.

There are 6,000 empty houses in Bradford and plenty of derelict brown-field sites that could be used for new housing. Why destroy this lovely piece of countryside when there are sensible alternatives?

Many walkers, cyclists, horse riders, nature-lovers and schools will lose a nearby amenity. It will also create greater traffic congestion and will put an unbearable strain on GPs, dentists and schools.

There is no guarantee that the Council can attract new shops and jobs for the new residents, judging by Bradford’s present lack of successes.

Once building has begun, there is no way we can recreate this priceless piece of countryside. Such a development would be an act of mindless vandalism. Please do what you can to prevent this act of madness from going ahead.

Daniel and Frances Bridgman, Norwood Drive, Birstall