SIR – I was somewhat perturbed to see Coun Val Slater rather pre-empting the process of consultation on Bradford’s Local Development Framework (T&A, January 26).

You report her telling property developers that she fully intends to ignore the views of any residents – who she condemns for the crime of being “middle class” – who oppose Labour’s plans to open up Bradford’s ‘green belt’ to housing development.

It seems to me that the consultation process is rather flawed. Indeed, the Council, having spent nearly two years ‘engaging’ with the development sector before asking the Bradford public its opinion, seems already to have chosen to ignore us.

Coun Slater is clearly more interested in the business needs of developers than the environment of the Bradford district.

Since the authority was created in 1972, there has not been a single year – in boom times or in recession, under Labour and Conservative governments – when 2,700 houses have been completed. There is no possibility of this target being met in current economic circumstances.

The Conservative Group on Bradford Council are clear that the Council should meet its legal requirements to identify a five-year supply of land for housing development. This supply already exists, many of the sites sit undeveloped despite having planning permissions.

There is no need at all to make further large releases from the green belt just to satisfy the business models of housing developers.

Coun Simon Cooke, Deputy Leader, Conservative Group, Bradford Council, Hallowes Park Road, Cullingworth