SIR – Once again I am pleased to see the T&A continues to draw attention to building plans and their potential impact on Bradford. People across the city proudly stood and made their voices heard on the implications. Success was felt in the northern areas of Bradford.

The commitment and drive of the men and women who fought the proposed actions of the local authority are to be commended. Their endeavour reminds me of my father, Jack, who was a well-known figure in Holme Wood.

The views of the local people on the proposed building work in the Tong Valley were made clear by John Finnigan of the Save Tong and Fulneck Valley Association. His commentary and your decision to ensure he has a platform are the lifeblood of democratic processes.

The Rev Gordon Dey’s letter (T&A, November 25) outlines how the organisation has sought to show where land for building can be found to protect the green belt.

The comments of the local councillors, by contrast, were sadly lacking, implying the final decisions have been made when they certainly have not.

I despair of the attitude of local councillors. A debate I expected; their contribution that somehow further dialogue is a waste of time.

John Harrison, Rushmoor Road, Holme Wood