With so many people working from home and relying on WiFi to enjoy their leisure time, having an internet connection has become a must-have for people across the UK.

However, this can be a costly monthly expense, making it all the more frustrating when a neighbour uses it without your permission.

While this is a rare occurrence because of the use of passwords, it still takes place across the country.

Can my neighbours legally use my WiFi without permission in the UK?

Using your neighbour's unsecured WiFi without their knowledge or consent is a criminal offence that can see offenders charged under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 or the Communications Act 2003.

The act of using someone's WiFi without telling them is called 'piggybacking'.

How to tell if someone is using my WiFi

According to The Sun, the biggest giveaway that someone else is using your WiFi without your permission is slow internet.

If you're home alone and unable to download a new game or stream a film for seemingly no reason, someone else could be on the network.

If you're suspicious, check your WiFi router's status light, and turn off all your devices connected to the internet.

The light should not flicker or flash when no devices are connected.

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What should I do if my neighbour is using my WiFi without permission?

Most broadband providers like Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk and Now TV require users to access Hub Managers and Service checkers to make changes and see what devices are connected.

For more information on how to do this and to find out the codes needed to access these hubs, visit your internet provider's website.

Once you know what devices are using your WiFi, you can begin removing ones that are not supposed to be there.