Hotel experts have revealed a number of free items people can get sent to their room which they only have to ask staff for.

Whilst hotels typically offer a number of freebies such as soap and toiletries there are a few other things that you might not have been aware of.

A few of these could also be very helpful if you've forgotten to pack them for your stay.

Free items you can get sent to your hotel room

Jennifer J. Harrison, director of sales and marketing at the Cambria Hotel LAX, suggests checking with your hotel which items are available, as reported by The Sun.

Some items that hotels might have on hand for guests include lip balm, hair straighteners, and headphones.

Additionally, a very useful item that some hotels can provide for you is chargers and adapters for specific devices.

Alongside that, hotels can go above and beyond to cater to people's interests, so you might be able to enjoy some experiences out of it.

Founder of travel website Bohemian Trails Megan Eileen McDonough said: “Consider asking if you can see a cocktail or cooking demonstration.

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“While some properties create actual events around it, others are more casual. I've stayed at several resorts who didn't mention that they'd be happy to show me an informal cocktail demonstration until I asked if it was possible.

"[One] hotel offered a complimentary tortilla making class, which served as my lunch that day because you get to eat your taco at the end.”

The Sun adds: "Guests can unlock personalised experiences - including local experiences, exercise classes or transportation."