The best times to do your supermarket shop have been revealed as well as the 'golden times' to find discounts.

Doing your weekly shopping can be stressful at the best of times from considering your budget to the tastes of the whole family.

Dodging the crowds and finding the discounts have been made a little easier since a team of experts has rounded up the busiest and quietest times to fill up your basket.

Although predicting when a shop will be quiet or busy is almost impossible, there are specific periods when shoppers can expect to see more or less other customers.

The team at have shared their predictions on when supermarkets typically expect the fewest customers.

Additionally, the experts also shared their predicted “golden times” when supermarkets replenish their reduced items so shoppers can grab bargains for as little as 10p.

Ashleigh Tosh, from, said: “The idea of a jam packed supermarket, where aisles are blocked and people are queuing around the entire store to get to the till is an absolute nightmare.

“That’s why we wanted to create a clear and easy-to-follow timesheet to help people be aware of when they can expect to see fewer shoppers as well as the chaotic no-go times.

“Among these are the golden times, where shoppers may get more than they bargained for by being able to pick up tasty treats such as cakes, bread and sandwiches for only 10 pence.”

What are the quietest times to go the supermarket?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - evenings

The MuscleFood team has predicted that weekday evenings are often some of the best times to head to the shops.

The experts explain that this is because it is after the school run.

Meanwhile, rush-hour shoppers have filled up their trolleys and left.

MuscleFood also said that there is higher chance of reduced items being available.

Sunday - late afternoon

Around 3pm on a Sunday, MuscleFood suggested that shops slowly begin to close up and people rush to get out of the door.

The team added: "This is also one of the prime times to get reduced items.

"Keep a listen out for announcements as they often let people know which items they have available for as little as 10 or 20p".

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - early morning:

"Plenty of shoppers like to do their big food shop on Monday or Friday as it’s typically the “start” or “end” of the week," according to MuscleFood.

Instead, the experts recommend getting to stores when the doors first open.

The team commented to say that this increases the chance of fewer shoppers.

On top of this, they predict that there will be a greater amount of items available as the night staff would’ve replenished the stock.

What day of the week is the worst to go grocery shopping?

Monday - lunchtime:

Since a lot of shoppers like to get their shopping completed and out of the way, it's likely that midday on a Monday will be busier in the supermarket.

The team added that the especially bad day is the first Monday after payday weekend.

Weekdays - late afternoon:

"Late afternoon on weekdays will have the usual shoppers, as well as parents and school kids all at once," according to MuscleFood.

The team explained that it's equally as bad around 5pm to 6pm when many will be doing their food shop after work.

Saturday - morning and midday:

The experts predicted that Saturday is one of the worst days to head to the supermarket.

This is because that it is likely to be full of customers for most of the day.

The team elaborated that the number of shoppers rises from morning to midday and stays high until the 4pm mark.

Friday - evening:

The MuscleFood experts pointed out that while other weekday evenings are great times to shop as there will be fewer customers, Friday is the complete opposite.

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They elaborated that people like to head to the shops on Friday evening to stock up for the weekend so they don’t have to venture out again.

Sunday - midday:

"Some shoppers have a last-minute panic so they head to the shops to stock up before Sunday closing hours means they can’t visit again until Monday morning," MuscleFood said.

The experts continued: "The influx of customers arrives around midday making lunchtime one of the busiest times of the week".