Keeping your hair looking healthy and well-groomed is a practice that can take a lot of time to perfect, and some may wonder how often they should wash it as part of this process.

Differing arguments have been made as to whether it should be done daily or be kept to a minimum to maintain its health.

Hair guru Jon Hala, who runs the Jon Hala Salon in Canary Wharf in London, has shared some advice on the best practices for washing your hair.

How often should you wash your hair?

Discussing the regularity in which you should wash your hair Jon Hala expressed that it only needs to be done when "absolutely necessary".

He said: "Washing your hair regularly and keeping your hair clean is generally associated with a sense of cleanliness. But in fact, you should only wash your hair when it’s absolutely necessary.

"Although the general recommendation is to wash it a maximum of 1-2 times a week, I’d say that it should only be washed when the hair is visibly oily. If the scalp is itchy or there are signs of flakiness due to dirt, then it’s clear it’s time for a wash!

"Remember, for a healthy scalp you need natural sebum for healthy follicles and washing your hair too regularly will reduce this."

Washing your hair too frequently can actually lead to some problems such as hair losing its shine or being matted in tone.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Washing your hair too often can lead to some problemsWashing your hair too often can lead to some problems (Image: Getty Images)

Hala explained: "Washing your hair too frequently could lead to numerous concerns such as hair losing its shine, hair lacking density, being matted in tone as well as increasing the frizz.

"You could also risk drying out your scalp and therefore being more susceptible to flakiness and dandruff. It is therefore very important to invest in good quality shampoo that contributes to the nourishment of your hair and overall scalp health."

What is the best way of cutting down how often you wash your hair?

Hala recommends people use a high-quality shampoo and one that is ‘light’ so that it doesn’t weigh your hair down, causing it to build up in oil and dirt.

He adds: "Using less oil-based styling products such as serums would also be beneficial. If you are doing these things anyway but are still looking to cut down the frequency of washing your hair, try and stick to a routine of only washing it once or twice a week and train your hair to only need to be washed then (although of course this is not an exact science!)."

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How often should men wash their hair?

Explaining how often men should wash their Hala said: "Men with fine hair can actually wash their hair every day, but men with thicker hair including those with very curly, textured hair have more sebum.

"This means they only need to wash their hair every three days or roughly twice per week maximum.

"But remember, it’s still important to use a good shampoo and not use anything in sight – especially the shower gel!"