This afternoon tea made me fall in love with food all over again – could it be the best Valentine’s gift at home for a loved one?

After Christmas, I felt like I needed a total food detox, from luxury chocolates to cheese - but I knew it wouldn’t last long.

Over the festive period, I was fed up with eating food (if that’s possible) because I was wanting to try anything and everything that was themed around the big day - including all varieties of pigs in blankets crips.

In fact, I have no self-control when it comes to themed foods for occasions throughout the year, whether it’s Easter or Pancake Day, I want it all.

Especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day, because of all the days of the year, you know the selection of sweet treats from independent brands to major supermarkets doesn't get better.

This year was no different and a few weeks ago I came across the Valentine’s Afternoon Tea for Two by Piglets Pantry.

This company had been on my radar ever since I tried their festive afternoon tea in December and as I previously said, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I managed to order the Valentine’s Afternoon Tea for Two as well as the Valentine’s Day Cupcake Box (selection of six) and Valentine’s Mockaron Selection (box of 18).

Now this may seem overboard for a night in between two people but knowing how much I enjoyed my previous experience, I wanted to try as much as (reasonably) possible without the whole menu arriving at my door (spoiler – I have no regrets).

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Have you ever tried a chorizo sausage roll?Have you ever tried a chorizo sausage roll? (Image: Newsquest)

But just what makes these Piglets Pantry bakery creations so good?

I’ll start by saying the delivery – not only can they be delivered straight to your front door on a date of your choice, but now I have received multiple boxes of the irresistible cakes and pastries, I can confirm they arrive exactly as they look on the website – perfection.

There is not a single whip of buttercream smudged or a flake of pastry to be found when you open the pretty pink boxes.

After travelling across the country to my house, it’s clearly all down to the impressive packaging, most of which is recyclable.

The last thing you want when ordering or receiving a gift, especially food, is for it to arrive all mushed up and damaged, but this is yet to be the case with Piglets Pantry.

It makes that first box opening for a much-loved friend or family member extra impressive.

Is this afternoon tea the most romantic Valentine’s Day meal?

Valentine’s Afternoon Tea for Two (£37.50)

In the afternoon tea suitable to share with someone close this Valentine’s Day, there is:

  • Smoked Salmon & Spinach Quiche (x2)
  • Chorizo Sausage Roll
  • Traditional Sausage Roll
  • Traditional Scotch Egg
  • Red Lip Red Velvet Loaf Cake
  • Raspberry, Lychee & Rose Loaf Cake
  • Carrot Cake (x2)
  • Butter Milk Scone (x2)
  • Clotted Cream (x2)
  • Strawberry Jam (x2)
  • Twinings English Breakfast Tea (x2)

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Piglets Pantry mockarons are nut-freePiglets Pantry mockarons are nut-free (Image: Newsquest)

Just like last time, I popped the pastries into the oven to heat up whilst I made my not-so-milky cup of tea.

It amazes me how the quiches, sausage rolls and scotch eggs are almost instantly ready to eat - no faffing or cooking.

After placing the food on one of my fancy chopping boards, myself and my boyfriend tucked in as we watched my Saturday night guilty pleasure, The Masked Singer.

The quiches were just how I liked them, delicate pastry but packed with flavour from salmon to plenty of cheese.

The scotch eggs blew my mind once more due to their humongous size - a word I don't use lightly.

As well as being generously portioned, there was no awful fatty jelly in sight (which always puts me off), just pure lean meat, a brightly boiled and fresh-tasting egg with a good spicy and crunchy crumb to finish off.

Moving on to the sausage rolls – I tend to always choose a chorizo flavoured one whenever I can get my hands on one but that’s not often.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Are you looking for the best Valentine's Day gift?Are you looking for the best Valentine's Day gift? (Image: Newsquest)

I was over the moon when I discovered this was in the box and it was my favourite part of the whole afternoon tea. It wasn’t overpowering, the sausage was juicy and plump, and the pastry was buttery and flaky.

I’m not sure how it was possible, but I think these sausage rolls were better than the festive afternoon tea.

The decoration on the loaf cakes was also a highlight because they really stood out as being a special Valentine’s treat.

The icing seemed to be a mix of buttercream and cream cheese frosting with chocolate lips and heart sprinkles.

As I’m more of a savoury person, I was relieved the icing didn’t overpower the sponges.

However, I will say I think the Raspberry, Lychee & Rose Loaf Cake lacked any flavour and just tasted like a Victoria sponge, even though it did look pretty.

The scones were also baked to perfection and I was chuffed to receive my favourite branded clotted cream.

Valentine’s Day Cupcake Box (£21)

In this dreamy cupcake selection box there were three red velvet with white frosting and three with pink frosting, topped with big chocolate hearts and sprinkles too.

Similar to the loaf cakes, they were large, really moist (sorry) and were just an all-round rich well-made cupcake.

After eating one, I was able to save the others over the next few days – the good news is they lasted well when kept in the fridge.

Valentine’s Mockaron Selection (£25)

These mockarons were delicately made and I loved how they were decorated, with the same heart sprinkles from the cakes and pink pearls.

The nut-free puffy bakes were filled with a creamy ganache and had the typical crunch of a classic macaron drizzled with white chocolate.

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As there were plenty in this box, I also stored them in the fridge and they lasted for days.

Whether you want a little self-love or a romantic night in with a partner or friend, you cannot go wrong with these fresh Valentine’s gifts from Piglet Pantry, best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Trust me, if I could shout about it from the rooftops, I really would.