Legendary actress Dame Judi Dench has revealed to fans the one thing she is still scared of after her many decades of acting.

The national treasure, who is known for her roles in hit films like James Bond, has spoken about what still keeps her up at night after beginning her career with the Old Vic Company in 1957.

Speaking with Good Housekeeping Magazine, Dench revealed that she still likes to pretend that she is 56 and says that she has never taken her career for granted.

Dame Judi Dench reveals the one thing she is still terrified of after her decades-spanning career

When asked if she still suffers from self-doubt by the publication, Dame Judi Dench said: "Yes of course there have been moments.

"Whenever I arrive for rehearsals, I have to leave my bag nearest to the door so I can make a quick getaway in case they sack me."

She added: "I don’t think that fear of losing a job should ever leave any of us. Not when there are so many hundreds of people just behind you."

The star shared that she believes it is always important to look at the 'pluses' in life, adding that she makes it a "kind of mantra" to find small everyday pleasures.

This comes after the film star revealed that she is suffering from reduced eyesight because of her advanced macular degeneration.

Discussing how she copes with the condition, the actress said: "Sometimes in life, you think all the minuses are stored up against you, but there are always pluses to be found if you look hard enough for them."

When asked if it was true that her TikTok grandson Sam Williams thought of her as the most childish person he knows, Dench added: "Yes – I’m quite shocked that he said it but it’s probably quite true.

"He rings me up and tells me a joke each day, which is extremely nice."