The cosy autumn months are upon us and winter is right around the corner, which means the majority of us will spend the next couple of months indoors with a good selection of box sets.

Where do we binge these box sets? Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ or Now TV.

They are the most popular platforms that we use and you can almost guarantee everyone you know has at least one.

But what are the current prices? Here we take a look.

New subscription prices:


Netflix subscribers on its basic and premium plans will see costs rise by up to £24 a year as the streaming service has announced a new round of price hikes.

The new prices came into effect on Wednesday 18 October.

Here's what's changing:

  • The basic plan, which is no longer available to newbies, is rising by £1 a month to £7.99 a month (a 14% or £12 a year increase). 
  • The premium plan is rising by £2 a month to £17.99 a month (a 13% or £24 a year increase).

However, the cost of both standard plans is staying the same for now:

  • The standard with adverts plan will stay at £4.99.
  • The standard plan (without adverts) will stay at £10.99.

Amazon Prime

Prime membership costs £8.99 per month if you go for a monthly subscription.

However, you can also opt for an annual subscription costing £95 per year, which works out roughly at £7.92 per month (that's a saving of over £1 each month - it all adds up!)

If you are sure you only want to use Amazon's video service, there is a separate membership just for Amazon Prime Video that costs £5.99 per month. However, that subscription does not include any of the other services.

Students can get Prime for half the price at £4.49 per month, and for a limited time only, students can trial it out for six months, totally free. 

Disney Plus

Disney+ will soon raise the price of its existing plan by up to £36 a year. From Wednesday 1 November, the subscription service will also launch two cheaper plans – but they'll have fewer perks and you'll have to watch adverts on one of them.

If you pay Disney directly, the price for new subscribers will change as follows from the 1 November:

  • Monthly cost: Will rise from £7.99 a month (equivalent to £95.88 over 12 months) to £10.99 a month (equivalent to £131.88 over 12 months). That's a £3 a month (equivalent to a £36 a year) increase. 
  • Annual cost: Will rise from £79.90 to £109.90 if you pay for the year upfront – a £30 a year rise.  


Cost will depend on the NOW membership package you decide to buy and whether you choose to add on the NOW Boost bundle for ad-free, HD viewing. Current costs are:

  • Entertainment membership: £9.99 per month.
  • Cinema membership: £9.99 per month.
  • Sports membership: £33.99 per month or £11.99 for a Sports day membership.
  • Hayu membership: £4.99 per month.

Each membership package has its own appeal, but for lovers of HBO box sets and Sky Originals, the Entertainment pass offers a broad range of Sky TV channels and award-winning shows.