Calling all book lovers, Spotify is now giving its users access to 15 hours' worth of free audiobooks every month.

It comes as the platform announced that its users would be able to purchase and listen to hundreds of thousands of listen-only novels last year, making Spotify “the seamless one-stop destination for all things audio.”

The latest update from one of the most popular music streaming apps has now revealed that 150,000 audiobooks will now be available for Spotify Premium accounts as part of their subscription.

Spotify now gives Premium accounts 15 hours worth of free audiobooks

Spotify said: “To start, we’re offering each Premium individual, as well as plan managers for Family and Duo accounts, 15 hours of listening per month—giving them the ability to enjoy as many titles as they want within that monthly allocation.”

The feature for users in the UK and Australia began today (October 4), and it will arrive in America later this year.

The digital music service added: “We believe that offering personalized music, podcasts, and audiobooks on a single platform gives you a superior way to connect with your favorite artists, podcasters, creators, and authors—all in one spot.

“Not only can you listen to some of your favorite authors’ works, but you can also tune into podcasts where fans dissect the most minor details of a story and find the hidden meaning in every sentence, without leaving the app.”

This means Premium subscriptions on Spotify will now include an on-demand catalogue of more than 100 million songs, five million podcasts, and over 150,000 audiobooks.

How do I listen to audiobooks on Spotify?

From crime to romance, many books from HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan and Penguin Random House as well as independent authors and publishers from around the world will be included.

Spotify says: “Any book that’s marked ‘Included in Premium’ is available within our Premium catalogue.”

It adds: “To listen to the first book on your list, simply type in the title in Search and hit play on the first chapter (or listen to the preview to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for!).

“You can also explore audiobook recommendations easily from our Home feed. Or, head to our audiobooks hub to find an editorially curated selection of top titles.”

Please note that you must have a Premium individual account or be the plan manager for your Family or Duo account in order to take advantage of this feature.