The colour of a garden fence is often an easy choice for people doing up their gardens with most opting for browns and greens.

However, there are a number of paint colours you can use to make your garden look and feel bigger.

For those wanting to make a small plot of land feel much larger, here are some colours to achieve just that.

These are the fence paint colours that will make your garden look larger

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Light and softer colours are generally best for making a garden feel bigger (Getty)Light and softer colours are generally best for making a garden feel bigger (Getty) (Image: Getty)

According to Ideal Home, there are a number of lighter colours which achieve this effect.

For example, colours like light grey, light blue and softer shades of green make a garden look bigger by creating feelings of openness and calm.

Other paint colours like soft pink utilise light to create the illusion of space.

You may also want to consider deep, natural colours as well as pale yellow.

Surprisingly, black was also suggested as a colour to make your garden look bigger with Mark Gregory from Savills saying: "If you want to maximise the feeling of space in your garden then you need to consider a recessive colour for your boundary.

"Although some may think it an odd choice, our eyes don’t register the colour as well, enabling us to focus more on the garden and plants, it is almost as if the boundary disappears."

While this is an option, it is generally best to paint a fence lighter colours that reflect light and in turn, make your garden look bigger.

With autumn fast approaching, now is the best time to get out there and start painting!