Whether you have been stuck in traffic for hours or you forgot to nip to the bathroom before a long journey, we have all been desperate for the toilet when in the car at some point.

A health account on TikTok that “puts relatable medical information into plain language” has revealed a shocking fact about why having a wee before you get in a car could “save your life.”

The user @medexplained2you explained the medical fact to his 191.7k followers on the social media app and the video currently has more than one million views.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Did you know the importance of going to the toilet before getting in a car?Did you know the importance of going to the toilet before getting in a car? (Image: Getty)

Why should you always have a wee before getting in a car?

@medexplained2you, said: “Did you know you should always pee before going on a car trip in order to give yourself the best chance of survival if you get into a car accident?”

“This is because your bladder is like a balloon – when you pee it deflates the balloon, when you hold it, it inflates it.”

He added: “If you get into a car accident with an inflated bladder you’re more likely to have an intra-peritoneal abdominal rupture.”

“This is devastating and can lead to a quick death, whereas if you get into a car accident and your bladder is deflated, it’s much harder to pop that balloon.”

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He reassured viewers, saying: “But even if it does, you’re more likely to get something called an extra-peritoneal abdominal rupture which is much less of a big deal.”

Some people were aware of the advice, as one comment said: “My mom has been telling me this since I was a kid. It’s always been a fear of mine.”

Another added: “Yes! I learned this fact after I was t-boned by a semi-truck. I always make sure to drive on an empty bladder.”

This person unfortunately experienced an abdominal rupture, posting under @medexplained2you’s video: “This happened to my husband, thank God the doctors saved his life.”

Many were also surprised to learn the fact, as this TikTok user said: “Wow the things this app has taught me!!!”