Chat GPT has written the UK's next Eurovision entry but would it score 12 points?

The most glittering night of the year is almost upon us as Sweden gears up to host Eurovision in Malmö.

With the grand final fast approaching, it's not long now until we're waving flags to dramatic ballads or dancing along to extremely bizarre and joyful routines.

Who is the UK's Eurovision act 2024 and what is the song?

Olly Alexander is to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Olly, 33, is from Harrogate and is the lead singer of Years and Years and a Bafta-nominated actor.

He is also well-known for his performance as Ritchie Tozer in the Channel 4 drama series It's a Sin (2021).

Olly was announced as the UK's Eurovision act during the Strictly Come Dancing final last year.

He will perform the song Dizzy which is also marks his first release under his own name.

Watch the UK's 2024 Eurovision song by Olly Alexander


Love or hate them, Eurovision songs all tend to follow a familiar formula and often return to the same tropes year after year with pride.

In fact, an expert on the psychology of songwriting Dr Joe Bennett has said that the lyrics of Eurovision entries tend to fit into six broad categories: Love, Unity, Self-Assertion, Partying, History and Music.

This begs the question - could the AI chatbot Chat GPT's songwriting skills take the UK to greatness?

Eurovision fans BestNewBingoSites have tried that very experiment by posing it the prompt 'Write the next Eurovision UK entry song'.

The Chatbot came back with 'Rise Above' - an inspiring track about getting back up after being broken down.

The uplifting song features eerily familiar lyrics like 'I won’t give up, I won’t give in' and 'It’s time to break the chains and leave the past behind'.

Despite Love being the overwhelming most popular category of Eurovision song - the term has reportedly been the most common lyric in six out of seven decades since the contest began - Chat GPT went another direction.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Chat GPT's Eurovision song is called Rise Above. (Chat GPT/ BestNewBingoSites)Chat GPT's Eurovision song is called Rise Above. (Chat GPT/ BestNewBingoSites) (Image: Chat GPT/Best New Bingo Sites)

By following Dr Bennet's categorisation, the Chat GPT track falls firmly in the self-assertion realm.

One recent example of this theme working well on the Eurovision stage was last year's UK entry 'Space Man' by Sam Ryder.

Although, it's not an exact fit - the song tells the story of a person floating in space before they realise that what they really want is back on Earth.

BestNewBingoSites went one step further asking ChatGPT to critique its own song: “The song has a positive and uplifting message of overcoming adversity and finding strength within oneself.

"The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along to, with a memorable melody. The use of imagery in the lyrics, such as the fire burning inside, adds depth to the song.

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"On the other hand, the song does not have a strong narrative or storyline, which is a common feature in many successful Eurovision entries.

"It may also lack a distinctive sound or unique elements that make it stand out from other entries. Additionally, it would be beneficial to add more variation in the verses to keep the listener engaged throughout the entire song.

"Overall, while the song has some strengths, it may need some revisions and fine-tuning to be a competitive entry in the Eurovision competition.”