Motoring experts have revealed how UK drivers can save thousands on their cars amid a rise in costs.

Many households across the country are struggling to manage their budgets amid the cost of living crisis.

Despite the Chancellor announcing that fuel duty would not rise in line with inflation, the cost of running a car is still expensive.

This is why the experts over at the car dealership brand Peter Vardy have shared some changes drivers can make to save up to £1,400.

5 tips to help your car fuel last longer

Experts reveal 7 changes that could save motorists £1,400 on their cars

Here are the tips as revealed by the motoring experts:

Add another driver to your insurance

If you are new to driving, the experts advise that naming a parent on your insurance policy could reduce your premiums by hundreds of pounds.

Research conducted by Uswitch found that new motorists can save an average of £426 a year by doing this.

Avoid buying premium fuels for standard cars

Most retailers claim that premium fuels can offer better performance, economy advantages and even protect your engine but the experts disagree with this.

The experts claim that unless you are driving a premium car, you're unlikely to see an advantage in premium fuel.

Premium fuel costs on average 10p more per litre, meaning drivers can save up to £138.32 per year by ditching this.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: (PA) Drivers can avoid higher costs by going to supermarket garages(PA) Drivers can avoid higher costs by going to supermarket garages (Image: PA)

Haggling over car insurance 

Haggling on your insurance coverage can save you up to £100 with Money Saving Expert finding this to have an 80% success rate.

Filling up your tank at supermarket garages

Typically, supermarket garages are cheaper than branded ones, meaning motorists can save around £74 a year by making this switch.

Performing your own car maintenance checks

By performing your own regular car maintenance checks, spotting standard wear and tear and fixing it before it becomes a problem, you can avoid paying the average annual repair cost of £574.

Cashback credit cards on fuel

Purchasing your petrol or diesel with a cashback credit card (like Santander’s 123 accounts) offers you 3% cash back for each fill-up.

If you filled up your car biweekly, you’d get £52.68 over the full year.

Paying your road tax annually instead of monthly

Spreading the cost of your road tax costs more in the long run which is why paying the full year upfront can save you around £29 a year.

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