Experts have warned British motorists over a "dangerous" and widespread car mat issue amid a viral video on TikTok.

The issue, which is extremely common for UK vehicles, prompted a warning after a TikTok video and comment section offered a 'solution'.

However, the simple mistake was warned against by the insurance experts over at Chill after a video on TikTok with thousands of impressions was shared.

Experts warn over dangerous car mats amid TikTok video

@waxsway CHECK YOUR FLOOR MATS #fyp #psa #themoreyouknow #foryoupage ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

The TikTok video, which amassed over 186k likes and around 2.5k shares, tells users to be cautious of their floor mats if they cause a hindrance.

In the video, titled ‘CHECK YOUR FLOOR MATS’, the poster can be seen in their car with their accelerator peddle caught under the car mat, which would have caused it to move.

One user commented, saying: "I keep mine trimmed down for this reason", whilst another added: "I always throw away the floor mats if they show any possibility of messing [with] any pedal."

Expert Neil Curry at Chill warns: "Having full control of your vehicle is of utmost importance, particularly to decrease your chances of having an accident behind the wheel. Anything that could interfere with your foot pedals must be avoided or rectified immediately.

"If your car mat was to get stuck on your accelerator you could quite easily end up causing damage to yourself, others, or your vehicle. Alongside the obvious dangers, this could also have financial consequences as insurance premiums could rise and you may have to pay for any damage."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: (Canva) Ill fitted car mats can be dangerous and cause major damage(Canva) Ill fitted car mats can be dangerous and cause major damage (Image: Canva)

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Experts reveal how to make sure your car mat is safe 

While some may opt to get rid of their car mats, the experts say these are important, warning that getting rid of them could damage your vehicle.

The experts added that measuring and fitting the mats correctly can go a long way in ensuring they are safe.

Here is how you can make sure your car mat is safe, according to the experts:

Measure your car floors

The best way to ensure your car mat will be secure is to accurately write down the measurements and note any irregularities.

This will allow the mat to be fitted more exactly.

Attach the mat securely 

There are a number of ways you can attach the car mat to the floor of your vehicle, to lower any chances of it slipping or moving out of place.

Some vehicles have built-in hooks or fasteners you can connect to the mat, velcro strips and double-sided carpet tape can also be used to increase stability.

Get it checked 

Head over to your local garage and ask for a professional to check your car mat or help you choose the correct one.