A man aiming to run 62 ultramarathons in 62 days in a circuit around England said he is having the “time of (his) life” doing the challenge.

Frank Wainwright, 54, told the PA news agency that during his 2,000-mile journey he aims to cover all 42 cathedral cities while running in a clockwise loop that takes in the whole of the country.

Mr Wainwright, based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, said the challenge so far has been “so marvellous” and “just lovely” after he set out from Newcastle on July 1.

Frank Wainwright runs on a road
Frank Wainwright aims to cover 2,000 miles on his challenge (Dorsetbays/PA)

“The support that I’ve been getting everywhere going round has been very heart-warming. We’ve had lots of kindness in lots of different areas,” he said.

The writer and small business director plans to stop in the cities along the way to enjoy some local fun, from wearing a Viking helmet around York, dining on fish and chips in Great Yarmouth and enjoying a visit to Buckingham Palace.

“There is a story-telling aspect of my journey alongside the running parts, so that’s keeping me busy for sure,” he said.

“I’ve planned 62 event days as much as 62 days of running so every day has some extraordinary highlights and I’m having the time of my life doing it.”

The long distance runner also factored in a personal aspect to his challenge, as he will be returning to the village in which he grew up – Dewlish in Dorset.

“I’ll be able to pop in and say hello to my parents who are buried in the church there and my sister is flying in from Greece and we’ll get all of our friends together for lunch as I go through there, that will be an emotional one,” he said.

Frank Wainwright
The fundraiser aims to cover all 42 cathedral cities while running in a clockwise loop (Leo Francis/PA)

“It’s a lovely route, it really brings out the best of England, I think.”

He has called his challenge Frank’s Big TOE, which stands for Tour of England, and he aims to encourage and support the connection between urban life and outdoor wellbeing while raising money for youth development charities.

Mr Wainwright, who aims to run around 30 miles per day, has been joined by around 10 runners for sections of his route thus far and he hopes to be joined by more.

He said: “I’ve got a wonderful mix of friends, family and connections along the routes, who I’m looking forward to seeing along the way and also the kind of additional pop ups, which I find very exciting.

“I love meeting those people and I love hearing about their local areas, what they like best about living there.”

Mr Wainwright hopes to promote kindness and optimism with his challenge.

He said: “The money raised and the message received will be used to hopefully build a lasting legacy – for young people growing up to make the best of the country that we live in, and to make it even better.”

To donate to Mr Wainwright’s fundraiser, visit justgiving.com/page/frank-wainwright-bigtoerunner.