What has Bradford landlady Audrey Coyne got in common with Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth? The answer is – his running shoes.

She won the spikes in a raffle at a fundraising ball marking Jamaica’s 50 years of independence after writing her name on four £10 notes and entering them into the lucky draw.

Miss Coyne, 48, who runs the historic Boy and Barrel in Westgate and appeared in Channel 4’s Making Bradford British show said: “I just yelled out ‘Get in there! I couldn’t believe they pulled out my tenner!”

A similar pair of Usain Bolt’s running spikes were auctioned in Sheffield at the weekend for £25,000, Miss Bolt says she is on a winning streak. “I’ve already been offered £50,000 by a sports memorabilia collector but I’m hanging on to them for a while,” she said.

“I’d like them to go on display somewhere in the city to inspire people, especially with the Olympics about to start.”

As well as winning the shoes Miss Coyne has just won a battle to save the Boy and Barrel from being sold off by its owners Punch Taverns.

She appealed in the Telegraph & Argus for 150,000 people to pledge £1 so she could buy the Boy & Barrel, in Westgate, to preserve it for future generations.

She said: “The campaign to save it worked, we got loads of support from locals and the £850 we raised to try and buy if off them went towards getting the paint job done outside.

“I’m on a winning streak. I can’t wait to buy a ticket for Friday’s big lottery!”

The fluorescent shoes are currently in a glass case in Miss Coyne’s safe possession.

She said; “I’m such a sceptic that even though I got an authenticity certificate with them I still rang the company and the woman who signed it to make sure they were real!

“I’ve scrimped and saved for years.

“These shoes are my little ticket to the good life. Eventually I will auction them off for myself but if they make as much as I’m hoping then I’ll be making a generous donation to the Leeds Jamaican Society.

“If he gets gold in the Olympics for his 100 metres, the value will soar even more. ”

Miss Coyne’s father was from Jamaica. The raffle for Bolt’s shoes at Headingley last week made £1,000 to be split between cancer charities in Jamaica and in the UK.